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Business Services  -  Transform your Business

This is where you achieve your return on investment.  At Transport Innovation we have a diverse range of skills and many years of experience in both technology and the transport industry.  We have a thorough understanding of how our products work and how you can use them to implement change in your business.

Our Business Services fall into three core areas:

  1. Managing Your ORS
    Compliance is core to maintaining a high ORS so we offer a range of services, including:
    -  Implementing systems to ensure Service & Maintenance is regularly performed
    -  Ensuring RUC compliance
    -  Managing driver behaviour
    -  Implementing Daily Vehicle Checks
  2. Improved Driver Behaviour
    It is well known that safe and fuel efficient driving makes a huge difference to operating costs  -  SAFED NZ delivers an average 6.71% fuel saving.  Critical to the success of any Driver Behaviour program is measuring activity so that you know where to target improvements.  We help you to:
    -  Measure over speed and excessive idling
    -  Monitor vehicle and driver fuel consumption
    -  Implement Driver feedback
    -  Support Driver Trainers with hard data, e.g. over revving, harsh breaking
    -  Provide weekly vehicle or driver reporting to manage operational improvements
  3. Measuring & Managing Business Performance
    It is hard to improve a business if you are not consistently measuring key areas of performance.  We help you set up and maintain:
    - Regular reporting of key performance measures including fuel consumption, vehicle utilisation, fleet compliance
    -  Specific reports, utilising GPS and other data sources, to support targeted business improvements (e.g. Driver Behaviour)
    -  Proactive use of reports/data to manage business change.