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Installation Services  -  Implement with Confidence

Transport Innovation has a team dedicated to installing and supporting the implementation of our products.  Having installed thousands of devices we have the knowledge to provide a high standard of installation and post-install support.

Our Installation Services include:

  • Hardware Installation
    Either we install your hardware devices ourselves or we work closely with a network of certified installers across the country.  We understand the demanding nature of the transport industry so we set high standards of workmanship for ourselves and installation partners.
    In most cases we work on fixed prices giving you certainty over installation costs.
  • Training
    Our training ranges from providing the workshop manager with a thorough understanding of the hardware, to helping the office correctly set up and use the web service so that your business maximises its benefits from the technology.
  • On-going Support
    Once install is complete we work with you to progressively implement the full benefits of our products and services.  We also work with you to implement additional features as they are added over the life of the product.